This small town around Mirandola is Italy's heartbeat in its coronavirus fight

Mirandola is home to around 100 medical companies like ventilator manufacturer Medtronic, respiratory support group Intersurgical and Fresenius SE

Italy is leaving no stone unturned to keep safe a small town around Mirandola, as it continues to fight the deadly coronavirus that has claimed 14,681 lives in the country. The small town, also known as Italy's medical valley, is providing a large portion of medical supplies to Italy to combat the deadly coronavirus. And safeguarding the town has become a priority for the entire country.

Italy has become the epicenter of coronavirus in Europe and there seems to be no sign of health workers getting a grip over the spread of coronavirus. Amid all this, a small town around Mirandola has been putting up a great show by supplying medical supplies across Italy, as it itself continues to fight the virus.

Italy's lone hope

Italy shutdown
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A small northern town around the ancient city of Mirandola has emerged as a lone fighter in Italy's coronavirus crisis. This medical valley specializes in medical supplies and over the past few weeks has become one of the most important places every medical workers looks up to. Health authorities are looking up to this small town to source equipment, which is home to a large number of companies making high end medical equipment.

The town is known for making products for dialysis, blood transfusion and heart surgeries. And now it has become the hub of all medical supplies required to fight the deadly coronavirus. Naturally, the place around Mirandola has become all the more important and health authorities are taking all necessary steps to keep it safe. Regular checkups for coronavirus are being done in this part of Mirandola so that the place remains safe and continues to support the rest of the country in its fight against coronavirus.

Mirandola home to pharmaceutical giants

Workers of Junjiang Industrial Limited Company package medical gloves in Yilong New District at Bouyei-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Qianxinan in southwest China's Guizhou Province, Feb. 21, 2020. Medical supply companies in Yilong New District have been producing medical supplies at full capacity to support the fight against the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. (Xinhua/Yang Wenbi/IANS) Xinhua/IANS

The Medieval town of Mirandola became a medical valley around 50 years ago with most of the credit going to pharmacist and entrepreneur Mario Veronesi. Since then a large number of companies, including foreign players, have set up facilities there.

Today, Mirandola is home to around 100 medical companies that boast names like ventilator manufacturing giant Medtronic, UK-based respiratory support group Intersurgical and Germany-based Fresenius SE. Over the past few weeks, companies based out of this town have been working tirelessly to meet the growing demands of medical supplies to fight coronavirus.

Mirandola putting up a great show

N95 masks

Shortage of protective gear and other equipment has been a concern across the world. The scene hasn't been any different in Italy. North Italy has particularly been hit by a shortage of masks and ventilators. However, Intersurgical devised a prototype circuit within 72 hours developed by an Italian team of doctors, which allows two patients to use the same ventilators.

Another company, Dimar, has in the past month become the go-to company for staff from Italy's Civil Protection unit and police, since it is one of few which specialize in respiratory helmets. Not only big companies, even start-ups like Tecnopolo are working without a break. The company, which provides biotech research services, has now shifted focus to certifying masks made by a large number of companies that have drifted away from other product lines to help the country's healthcare system to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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