This rare archaeological finding related to ancient Egypt stuns researchers [PHOTOS]

Archaeologists found an ancient statue which they described as one of the "rarest archaeological discoveries" to be found in Egypt

The archaeologists were shocked after they found an ancient statue, which has been described as one of the "rarest archaeological discoveries" to be found in Egypt.

As per the archaeologists, the discovery was unique as it was a pink ancient statue with a Ka symbol, which is an important sign of ancient Egyptian cosmology and an aspect of the soul or spirit by the civilization.

One of the rare archaeological discoveries

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announces the news about this amazing discovery. Researchers understood that this statue belongs to Egypt pharaoh Ramses II or Ramesses the Great, who was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty. The ancient statue is over three feet tall and was found to have the symbol "Ka" on it.

Since the statue was made entirely out of pink granite, it had stunned the archaeologists and forced them to label it as one of the most important as well as rare discoveries to come out of the Giza region in years.

Description of the archaeological finding

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It should be noted that earlier only a wooden statue of the Ramses II with the Ka symbol was discovered but this recent finding amazed the researchers. In a statement, the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri said that this extremely rare statue indicates the resting place for the "Ka", which is the life-force and spirit, of the person after death. In addition, the Egyptian ministry stated that the symbol found on the statue is a sign of strength, vitality and spirit.

As reported by Xinhua, Waziri said, "This discovery is considered one of the rarest archaeological discoveries. It is the first-ever Ka statue made of granite to be discovered. The only Ka statue that was previously found is made of wood and it belongs to one of the kings of the thirteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt."

However, researchers noticed that one of the back pillar of the 1.8 feet wide and 1.4 feet thick statue is engraved "Nakht Mari Maat," which means "strong bull." The statue is depicted wearing a wig and a crown. From the site, archaeologists also discovered pink granite and limestone inscriptions indicating the god Ptah, who was the god of craftsmen and architects who was married to Sekhmet, the warrior goddess.

After the excavation, the block and the statue were taken to a museum to be restored and preserved. Researchers claimed that these artefacts may have been part of the Temple of Ptah.

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Ka Spirit

It is an important symbol in ancient Egyptian cosmology. It may be a person identical to the human it was associated with or a shadowy figure or a person with two upraised arms resting on his head. As per hieroglyphics evidence, "the symbol for the ka was the shoulders whose arms are bent upwards towards the sky at the elbows."

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