THIS Man Interrupted Australian PM's Press Meet for a Strange Reason; Netizens Want to Buy Him Beer

The incident happened when Scott Morrison was addressing the press at Googong in New South Wales state

How often do we get a chance to give commands to a higher official, especially if its a country's President or Prime Minister even in a democratic country? Less likely. However, a man, who recently interrupted the Australian Prime Minister's press conference has now become the talk of the cyber world.

During Scott Morrison's early morning press meet to announce a new stimulus package for home renovations at Googong in New South Wales state, an unidentified person yelled at them. He was interrupted by a house owner, who asked the PM and the reporters to step away from his lawn, which he claims to have been newly reseeded.

 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Reuters

"Hey, can everyone get off the grass please," the man is heard saying in the 29-seconds video that is doing the rounds on social media. Morrison was quick to respond saying: "Sure, let's just move back from there. All good. That's all good. Thanks." After giving a thumbs up to the unnamed man, the PM continued his press meet.

Watch the videos here:

Social Media Reactions

Netizens have been appreciating the guts of the man to respond in such a way to a country's prime minister. "I want to buy that man a beer," commented a Twitter user. Meanwhile, many others are of the opinion that an incident like this will happen only in Australia. "If that happened in the USA, the guy would have come out dolled up like Rambo and probably started a small war over it!" another netizen said.

Coronavirus in Australia

As of now, Australia is one of the countries that is managing the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus in an appreciable manner. The country has reported a total of 7,247 cases, out of which 6,681 have recovered completely. With just 464 active cases as of June 5, 2020, the total number of death cases recorded so far in the country is just 102.