This latest feature of Instagram allows you to control the data sharing with third-party apps

Instagram's latest feature allows users to have authority over the data they are sharing with third-party apps.

We all use social media apps to share new content and stay connected with people we want. Along with those apps, we might also have downloaded and used other third-party apps.

Now, these third-party apps ask you directly to import data from Instagram or from any social media app that you might be using. And once you import the information, you have permitted third-party apps to access your information and use it for their purpose.

To protect the privacy of the users and the data they share, Instagram has come up with a new feature that allows users to have authority over the data they are sharing with third-party apps. Users can also control all the connections previously made with third-party apps by following these steps - Go to Settings -> Security -> Apps and Websites. There, you'll find the list of third-party services you are connected with.

Instagram security update
Instagram's latest security feature Instagram

Tap on "remove" to those third-party services you wanted to discontinue sharing your information. By doing this, the particular third-party service will not get any access to your account information.

Besides, Instagram is also coming up with an updated authorization screen, which lets you know the sort of information third-party apps are requesting you to share. Here, you can authorize third-party apps to access your information, or can cancel it.

Access permission
Access permission Instagram

Instagram also keeps a record of information that you might have forgotten. For instance, you have downloaded a third-party app and imported your Instagram data to it. Weeks after, you directly uninstalled the app. Now to remind you, the data is still with the third-party app. So, this new feature will allow you to know the apps you accessed it with Instagram.

However, these updates will be rolling out gradually over the next six months and will ultimately allow people to have more control over the data they share with third-party services, says Instagram in their blog post.