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The social media giant has rolled out a new setting update that enables users to customize the shortcut bar.

Over a couple of weeks, Facebook has been making numerous changes to its app. Now the social media giant has rolled out a new setting update that enables users to customize the shortcut bar.

This feature is already in use by some of the iOS users, and it will soon come on Android in a few weeks. A spokesperson from Facebook said that "the navigation bar feature makes people have control over the notifications within the Facebook app". By this, we can understand that users get the choice over the content they want to see.

In addition to that, users get the option to remove multiple tabs, which include Marketplace, Watch, Groups, Events, Profile, Friend Requests, News, Today In as well as Gaming and Dating. For Facebook users, who get annoyed and exasperated with a flood of notifications, this update would make them feel content than before. Now, users get to see what they want to see.

Way back in July, reverse-engineer specialist, Jane Manchun Wong took to twitter and shared the information that "Facebook is testing the ability to toggle Notification Dots of the specific tab in the app. This should address the long annoyance of tabs showing notification dots that don't spark joy for the user".

For users who want to use the Shortcut Bar Settings options, first, they need to press and hold for the menu to pop-up, which is present at the bottom of the Facebook home screen for iOS users. And the Android users get to see the bar at the top.

The pop-up menu allows users to choose any of the listed options, which include turn off notification dots, remove from shortcut bar, and manage shortcut bar.

Facebook Shortcut Bar Settings
Facebook Shortcut Bar Settings Facebook

Earlier, the case was different, where users used to miss the most important information. Sometimes, users get to scroll down for a long time to find certain information. Now, this move would give users a better experience to explore relevant information, which they wanted. In simple terms, the latest shortcut bar update cleans the junk and keeps you updated with specific chosen information.

However, to make the Facebook platform a much better place, the company shouldn't make users feel complicated in viewing the necessary content. Because, right content gives users to socialize in a much better way than with the content, which has nothing to do with, but just scroll up.

Toggle Notification feature update Jane Manchun Wong
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