This Intelligent Assistant is the swiss army knife of all productivity apps

C9 Companion

All successful people have at least one thing in common, they are constantly looking for ways to increase their productivity and strategies to boost it. For many of us managing our emails, to-dos and prioritizing meetings and daily tasks mean navigating between a few apps each designed for a specific purpose. We use an app for our to-dos, our phone calendar for prioritizing events, another app perhaps for taking notes, another app to track our diet and another app for meetings, and so on and so forth.

Basically, we are hoping between few apps and that for the most part leads to either forgetting to use or simply not 100% committed to use all of them every single time. For example, I like tracking my diet and calories intake and for the first few days I am pretty much committed, but if I wanted to be honest, after a week or so I just find it to be cumbersome to enter the food and logs it manually every time I eat something and that means I start skipping days and eventually not using the app at all.

But wouldn't it be awesome to have one app that does it all so we don't have to juggle 10 different things while being so straightforward and simple that we don't have to go out of my way to get the most out of it? The answer is C9 companion, an all-in-one intelligent virtual assistant and a daily planner that takes care of all our exhausting tasks just by communicating in the most humanistic way possible. Simple, easy, and amazingly straight forward.

C9 Companion is built to accomplish one thing and one thing only, to help us succeed and be 10 times more productive. It is a unique, fun, engaging, and super interactive software that, at its face, is amazingly simple and user friendly but under the hood packs some of the most sophisticated and innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI ) invented yet, with tremendous scaling power.

In a nutshell, C9 architecture was designed not just using a few algorithms, but a grid of innovative, unorthodox, and sophisticated algorithms working in harmony to process, analyze, and classify a complex of input information to produce contextual data in natural human language while performing on-the-fly tasks.

So why are we excited about this so much? Besides the fact that it can seriously give us a hand in managing our life, but most importantly due to its superfluid and natural human interaction capability it gives us the experience we always wished the AI would have or have only seen in Science fiction movies, and that is super cool.

But let us not diverge from our main point which is productivity and how AI can help us be better at what we do. At its current and early stage of development, we can think of C9 as an AI assistant that can manage and organize our daily life just through communication with it.

This initial phase includes four primary functions, 1) AI Chat that is basically the main interface to the platform, 2) Scheduling and setting up events and reminders, 3) Taking Notes and To-Do lists and categorizing them for organized access, and 4) Calorie and Nutrients Tracker, that C9 automatically calculate the calories for what you had for lunch for you!.

Each feature is amazingly simple to navigate and extraordinarily intuitive yet elegant, but how they all flow through C9 is something else.

For example, while having a casual and fun conversation about our day with C9, we can ask it to logout grocery and to-do lists, calculate and save our daily intake of calories and nutrients automatically, take notes and meeting minutes, or simply schedule events and set reminders with just a few words.

The Chat function is amazingly simple and doesn't need any explanation. If I don't tell you, or in this case remind you, that it is a robot you are talking to you would think you are talking to your younger one who just finished reading a book and wants to share.

The conversation is fluid and natural and the emojis, every now and then, is a nice touch by the C9 developers. Although you can Chat for hours if you like but the main function of the Chat is to deploy C9 for its productivity tool.

By just saying the word "Remember" c9 will take a note of the rest of the conversation and save it into your notes page. You can later categorize them as you wish and see them based on their categories or on the calendar which is super handy.

If you start by saying "Schedule", followed by title, date and time it will automatically add an event or reminder for you that is synced with your phone native calendar app (either Google calendar or Apple calendar), same as before you can see the event either in C9 calendar or your phone calendar but C9 offer categorized view as well.

You can also tell c9 about the food you for lunch and it will list the detail calories for each item along with the sum equivalent at the end. No more pesky typing food name and looking up its calories and adding to a list and this and that, all done in one sentence, just like that!C9 can also show the nutrients detail, if asked, for each food which is quite amazing.

When you put it all together, you now have a complete package of tools, managed by a funny AI that speaks human and manages the daily tasks and chores.

It is worth mentioning that this is just phase one and we were told the next phase adds even more productivity tools to the arsenal of this powerhouse.

C9 Companion has now opened its platform for early sign-up for accessing its app before a public offering later this year.