THIS Indian doctor treating Coronavirus patients in the US gets a unique 'drive of honour' [VIDEO]

In the video, a convoy of almost 100 vehicles including fire trucks, ambulance, police cars, private vehicles, are seen honouring the doctor in front of her residence in South Windsor

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, it's the doctors, nurses and health workers, who are working hard all over the world as the virus is spreading uncontrollably day by day. But how often do we recognise their hard work, selfless service and sacrifice as they are taking a huge risk during a pandemic situation like this?

Despite calling them as the actual superheroes with them working long shifts, reports of many medics being attacked or isolated by common people just because they are treating COVID-19 patients have surfaced online.

However, a recent video that has surfaced online shows the heartwarming gesture of people in the US thanking an Indian-origin doctor, for her enormous service in a very special and unique way. Dr Uma Rani Madhusudana of Hartford Healthcare in Connecticut has been treating COVID-19 patients.

Dr Uma Rani Madhusudana
Uma Rani Madhusudana receives a unique 'Drive of Honour' in the US for her selfless service in treating COVID-19 patients. Twitter

In the video, she is seen standing in front of her residence in South Windsor, as a convoy of almost 100 vehicles including fire trucks, ambulance, police cars and private vehicles driving past her with sirens and horns honking in appreciation. Meanwhile, the passengers including some grateful patients, who have survived from Coronavirus infection, are seen holding 'Thank You' placards honouring the doctor for her service. The physician, who is an alumna of JSS Medical College in Mysuru, India, is also seen waving at each of them in the two-minute-20-seconds video.

The 'Drive of Honour' video has gone viral on social media with many netizens appreciating the people for honouring a frontline worker in a unique way at the time of this crisis situation.

Watch the viral video here:

Coronavirus in the US

The US has now become the worst affected country in the world with the Coronavirus claiming the lives of 45,343 people, while there are 690,859 active cases being reported till date. The total number of cases reported so far is 819,175, out of which 82,973 people have been completely recovered.

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