Is this the end of the world? 'Demon' baby goat with protruding eyes and human-like face born in Argentina

The baby goat with human like face survived about three hours after its birth.

Demon baby goat
A baby goat born with human-like facial features was born in Argentina CEN/Youtube

A baby goat born in San Luis province, central Argentina has gone viral due to its unusual looks. The animal had protruding eyes and human-like face when it was born.

Unfortunately, the deformed goat died within three hours of its birth.

Oveido told local news outlet El Chorrillero: "As soon as I saw it, I realized the deformation. She had her eyes raised but the rest of her body was normal. When we brought her from the field, she was angry."

Demon goat
Thousands have visited the goat's body CEN/Youtube

"I noticed that she began to fail her breathing and after a while she died," Oveido said.

However, the news of the goat quickly spread and it wasn't long before people from neighbouring villages gathered, and some even alerted local police.