THIS Disease Is Killing More People in the UK Than the Coronavirus

The number of deaths due to bowel cancer are higher at this moment when compared to that of coronavirus

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, scientists are currently working to find a cure for the virus as more than 100 vaccine candidates are under trials. But recently, figures revealed that more people in the UK have lost their lives due to bowel cancer than coronavirus.

As Britain got afraid due to the deadly novel virus, a leading medic warned last night that according to figures there are many more younger people dying due to bowel cancer. Professor Karol Sikora, who is an oncologist, mentioned that cancer deaths are going to climb if the ministers did not start focussing on the non-COVID-19 patients, who found it harder to get vital tests.

Bowel Cancer in UK

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During the peak of the outbreak in mid-April, over 8,000 deaths related to coronavirus were happening in a week in England and Wales, as per the Office for National Statistics. The latest figures, which are available in the week ending July 17 showed that 305 deaths were registered in the UK due to the coronavirus. On the other hand, 319 cases of bowel cancer deaths got registered every week in the UK, based on an annual figure of 16,600 from the charity Cancer Research UK.

Sikora, who is the chief medical officer of private Rutherford Health that has begun providing cancer tests and treatments for the NHS patients mentioned, "We've been spending too much time obsessed by COVID deaths and not enough trying to get our health system back to business, as usual, to avoid other deaths," as reported by the Daily Mail.

The professor mentioned that cancer was common and there are 42,000 new cases every year. He also mentioned that it can be cured in over 90 percent of the patients it gets spotted early. The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 17.8 million people globally and claiming the lives of over 685,000 people worldwide.

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