Is this the 'dirtiest car' ever? Car service company debunks fake news of posting pics without consent

The car service company workers took seven hours to clean the interior of the vehicle to 'give it a second chance at life'

While many people try to keep their own vehicles as neat as a new pin, an Australian parent is now making headlines being called as the 'owner of the dirtiest car'. When the owner (who has been kept anonymous) gave their Mazda for a service at Proline Automotive in New South Wales in Australia, they wouldn't have expected the kind of attention their vehicle will get from all over the globe.

It all started after the service company shared the photos showing the pathetic condition of the car on their Facebook page. According to the post, the workers took almost seven hours to clean the interior of the vehicle to 'give it a second chance at life' as it had many sticky substances, deep stains, lollipop stick, biscuits, sweets and wrappers inside, to name a few.

"Usually we like to only share 'after' photos but this one was too funky not to share. 7 hours was spent thoroughly detailing this interior, giving it a second chance at life (sic)," reads the Facebook post. They have also said to have shampooed the seats and carpets multiple times to remove dirt and stains as much as possible.

However, the company couldn't clean the marks on the seats caused by the baby seats and have suggested the new car owners on keeping a towel under the baby seats (checking child seat safety guidelines) so that such damages can be avoided.

How netizens reacted?

Before and after pictures of 'dirtiest car'
Before and after pictures of the 'dirtiest car' given for service at an Australian car service company. Proline Automotive/Facebook

Immediately after the photos surfaced online, netizens started shaming the owner of the vehicle for its disgusting condition. "No offence but that really is disgusting... absolutely horrible how some people treat their car," reads a comment on social media. Meanwhile, many others have also said that if this is the state of the car, their house would be nightmarish.

However, the photos were relatable and relief for some parents, who now understand that they are not alone. "Wow. If you guys want a real challenge I've got an Imax. Six kids under 7. It's a bit feral!," commented another Facebook user.

When fake news surfaced online

While the company was trying to let its customers know about their service and capability in the field, various news outlets are said to have shared the news as if the company is defaming the customer. Some websites carried the news saying that Proline Automotive 'has slammed the owner for the horrible condition of their car'.

Clarifying this wrong piece of information, the company has commented: "These before and after photos were taken with consent by the owner. Grateful for the results achieved the gentleman was happy for us to showcase our work. There have been no negative comments on our behalf. We are just showing the services we offer (sic)." They have also added that the negative comments seen online are between the Facebook users, and not by any of their representatives.

Nevertheless, we all have to admit the fact that handling babies itself is a tedious task and taking care of them as well as keeping the vehicles/home neat and clean always do not go well in many people's case.

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