As the coronavirus or COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, scientists and researchers are getting to know more symptoms related to the deadly virus. Now, doctors have warned that persistent hiccups can be a possible new symptom for the novel virus caused disease.

A report that was published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine explains the case of a person who tested positive for the disease after having hiccups for four days. The 62-year-old hailing from Chicago had initially shown no other symptoms.

He was admitted to the hospital and his temperature was showing 37.3C. But a scan of the lungs gave indications that he was grappling with his lung capacity. The person was put in an isolation room where he got tested for the COVID-19 and the man's temperature later increased to 38.4C.

New COVID-19 Symptom

Coronavirus Doctors

The report mentioned, "Here we present a case of persistent hiccups as the presenting symptom of a Covid-19 infection in a 62-year-old man. "To our knowledge, this is the first case report of persistent hiccups as the presenting complaint in a Covid-19 positive patient in emergency medicine literature." The doctors from the Cook County Health, Chicago mentioned that patients with hiccups must not be dismissed, as reported by The Sun.

"Physicians should keep Covid-19 infection on their differential as more cases are discovered through atypical presentations," they added. Many different types of symptoms are coming up in recent times related to the disease and a few more can come in the near future.

The deadly virus has affected more than 19.3 million people until now and claimed the lives of over 721,000 people globally. Scientists around the world are also researching on the after-effects of the deadly disease, which show that there are many long-term effects related to the disease.

More than 100 vaccine candidates are under trials around the world and a cure for the disease is expected by the first quarter of 2021. However, a few of the researchers associated with the trials claim that it can come in this year.