This AI-Driven Ad Optimization Tool Will Increase Your ROI


Ad spending is one of the trickiest territories to navigate in the marketing world. Despite relentless efforts and an abundance of resources invested, companies still find themselves continuously testing the waters, and oftentimes faced with underperforming ads, wasted opportunities, and ROI losses.

Voyantis, a predictive growth platform that empowers online businesses to achieve sustainable LTV-based growth, recently conducted a market research based on an extensive analysis of more than 50,000 ads of high-spending D2C brands on their main performance channels – Google and Facebook. Based on this research, it's been deemed that marketers are wasting 30 to 50% of their budget on ads that underperform due to low-value users that don't meet payback expectations, thus not returning the investment. Furthermore, the analysis indicates that the lost revenue caused by those ads amounts to 15 to 30% of the marketing budget on average. When calculated over a year, the revenue lost sums up to $750,000 on average for customers per channel. The factors that affect this outcome include geography, creatives, and targeting – three crucial points that marketers need to master.

Voyantis Co-Founders Ido Wiesenberg and Eran Friendinger have long noticed this existing challenge. After witnessing the uphill battles that growth and marketing teams had to face regularly, they decided to rectify this recurring problem by introducing an AI platform that's designed to transform businesses' acquisition and retention of customers of the highest value. Their cutting-edge AI solutions garner insights from thousands of data points that empower teams to hit maximum profitability.

Automation on Optimization

The main benefit of investing in automation for ad spending optimization is that marketing and growth teams get to eradicate assumptions and subjectivity in implementing strategies and tactics. Voyantis enables companies to leverage AI-powered predictive signals to autonomously optimize acquisition campaigns for maximum LTV. Through this model, leaders can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their ad spend effectiveness by acquiring users based on future value.

Outdated models create optimization goals that are restricted to conversions, registration, subscription, or first purchase. Not only does this confine a company's goals in a short-term bracket, but it also limits them from opportunities they could seize. With Voyantis' signal optimization, companies can utilize zero-and first-party data and forecast activation, LTV, retention, and churn on a single-user level. What's more, Voyantis automatically sends predictive events to Facebook through CAPI, and Google through Google ads API, allowing businesses to optimize their campaigns for future value and enhance their ROI with maximum scalability.

Value-Based Bidding

It's critical to employ value-based events to maximize ad campaigns and get as many returns from each investment. Voyantis' state-of-the-art platform feeds ad networks with users' future value in real-time, allowing teams to gear up, and launch highly effective tROAS and value optimization campaigns that perform better and faster due to the signals' accuracy and quantity.

A Codeless Platform

One of the most unrecognized yet critical challenges with the adoption of advanced technologies and capabilities is the need to source additional manpower. High-code solutions often get in the way of limiting the overall budget spent due to the need to hire people with specialized skills to maintain, update, and maneuver the functionalities of a product. Familiar with these challenges, Ido and Eran ensured a codeless solution that utilizes advanced machine learning without the need for engineering resources. What's more, its permission-based integrations eliminate all complexities, allowing users to effortlessly access and activate data in the era of privacy.

Ad optimization requires human discernment and tech power to yield positive results, including an increased ROI, a solid network of high-value clients, and boosted brand awareness across the board.