This 116-year-old grandmother has voted ever since the founding of the Republic of Korea [VIDEO]

Park Myung Soon has taken part in indirect as well as direct election for the post of the president since the formation of Republic of Korea since 1948

The 116-year-old Park Myung Soon is considered as the oldest voter in South Korea, who has created a history by becoming the person to vote in all elections ever since the founding of the Republic of Korea. Born on August 7, 1903, Park Myung Soon from Gwangju in South Korea took part in the 21st National Assembly election that was held on April 15.

The Republic of Korea was found on August 15, 1948. Myung Soon is the only elderly who has voted in all elections held so far. Due to age-related restrictions, Myung Soon arrived at the administrative welfare centre of Munheung 1-dong on a wheelchair. Like directed, she was wearing a mask and voted using her thumb.

Oldest voter in South Korea

Park Myung Soon
116-year-old Park Myung Soon voting at the 21st National Assembly Election in South Korea YouTube screengrab from AKP Buzz video

As she arrived at the booth, she was welcomed and netizens have appreciated the elderly for exercising her right to vote and taking part in Korean political act. Many wished that she would even make it to the next Assembly election.

According to SBS, Park Myung Soon has been part of Korean voting system since the first time election was held on June 25 in 1952 for the post of president. This was the second presidential election held in Korea. Speaking on the occasion after casting her vote, Park Myung Soon told that she will definitely participate in the next presidential election too.

Another elderly woman who has voted in all elections since a straight election system was introduced in Korea in 1987 is Moon Dae Jeon from Daegu. Moon Dae Jeon arrived with her son to cast her vote at the Munseong Elementary School polling station. She arrived as early as 5.40 for the voting that started at 6 am (KST).

Republic of Korea

The First Republic of Korea is known as the first regime in South Korea (from August 1948 to April 1960) after the transfer of power from the United States Army Military Government that governed the country South Korea since the end of Japanese rule in 1945.

Syngman Rhee was elected as the first President of Korea in May 1948 general election under a democratic presidential system of government. But after becoming the president from Korea Democratic Party, he did not include any member of the party in his Cabinet and led an authoritative rule. This led to oppositions and other leaders of the party forming a new party called Democratic Nationalist Party. After the April 1960 revolution, Rhee had to resign and this led to the formation of what is known as the Second Republic of Korea.

However, it was only after the Presidential Election Act of 1987 the direct elections were held. Post-1987, public elected the president in a single round plurality vote for five years. In the current elections, the ruling Democratic Party of Korea has won polls by winning 180 seats out of 300 in the Korean Parliament.