Thinking of putting up Christmas decorations early? Do it for your happiness, say experts

A study has stated that decorating houses early during Christmas season makes you more cheerful and friendly to the neighbours.

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations Pixabay

People find excuses to prepone Christmas celebrations every year, much earlier than the actual date. However, this might prove beneficial as experts say it makes people happier.

As per a study in Journal of Environmental Psychology, people who put this effort into decorating their houses and making them glow during Christmas season are more friendly and cohesive to their neighbours.

He also says that there are many reasons why people tend to put Christmas decorations outside very early, but the most common of all is that they want to create the festival magic early and compensate for their past neglect of the house.

People face a lot of stress and anxiety in their daily life throughout the year, so they love to associate with things that make them happy. And for that, what is better than Christmas season?

The Yuletide spirit also awakens good old memories of childhood days, when they used to have a lot of happy and carefree moments with least responsibilities. Also, memories related to Christmas remind us of our dear ones who are no more but have been a part of our special moments.

Decorations are a way to ignite those magical moments of excitement during old childhood days. So putting up Christmas decorations can really flare up the excitement, say experts.

Not only do Christmas decorations increase the excitement, it also gives time to bond with our neighbours and near and dear ones.

So don't think twice before putting up those lights early. And if people ask, tell them you're just spreading happiness. Merry Christmas in advance!