They dared to reach the stars: The tale of incredible travel couple, Domi and Frida

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Domi and Frida

As the pandemic continues, we all have been living vicariously through our mobile screens, scrolling through pictures that have been dutifully taking us into a moment and space that extends beyond the confines of our houses. In the middle of these digital visits into the beautiful lives of others, we've handpicked this story that is inspiring of what the stamps on our passport will look like in the coming time. This virtual visit into the lives of the following Instagram couple is a bit of a tease at the moment, but the inspiration is absolutely worth it.

It's been said for years that love conquers all difficulties and prevails over all obstacles. Our latest love-conquers-all, stroke-long-time pairing is centered on Domi and Frida, an Italian couple standing in the ravages of time, distances, and work. While they say that travel is the most authentic test of love, this blogger couple knows it well and passed every test with flying colors. Exposure to novel areas and new cultures and people can be remarkably strengthening and refreshing. To discover how communities function, whether individual or the wild, and flora life, in other parts of the world, is truly humbling. Domi and Frida have boarded on several adventures together and celebrated their love, honored their wanderlust through astonishing stories and visuals from across the globe.

Being high school sweethearts, the couple fell in love in the year 2006, when they were just 17 and 15 years old. After that love at first sight, there was no coming back. After graduating high school, Domi and Frida both got full-time jobs. While Domi was a chemist, Frida worked as an architect. Nothing and not even a full-time job could keep them away from pursuing their passion to travel the world.

What started as a mere Instagram account to share travel updates with family and friends, led to the establishment of They created We Love Our Life to inspire people and help them through whatever that process looks like for them. The couple utilizes their influential platforms to share more than just travel updates. They present an honest insight into their relationship, and how they make it work, while also sharing lifestyle lessons ranging from how to work out when living out of a rucksack to how to effectively plan your day.

Domi and Frida share images of an astonishing and wondrous life, but give a real glimpse into the reality of their little world through the content they put forth. Their integrity increases their relatability, and they are well versed to speak to their audience to generate genuine engagement. Whether followers are looking to be inspired by travel tales or relationship tips. They are the crusaders paving the path for their audience by leading by example. The couple is a must-follow for major travel and relationship inspo.

This article was first published on June 1, 2021