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Apple's free iOS apps releases on iTunes and iOS App Store this week includes some of the most amazing and useful apps Apple device owners can own. From an incredible phone number searcher to a bulk media converter, here are five premium iOS apps that are free as for now:

Batch Convert

Batch Convert is esteemed as the sole batch cross converter for Live Photo, video and animated GIF. Unlike other apps of similar function, this one allows you to convert accepted media contents at once.

Not to mention, there is no limit as to how many you would want to load in a single batch for conversion. Batch Convert for iOS also supports several professional editing tools. Download it here.


Embracing your flaws is beautiful, and being picture-perfect is another thing. With PhotoFix for iOS, you can be both beautiful and picture-perfect at the same time. The app allows users to tweak their photos perfectly. It gives you the ability to zoom in to see what goes down your skin and modify it.

Whether it is a portrait shot or a landscape image, PhotoFix comes handy in case you want to make your photos even more beautiful. Download it here.

Type Lite

Lots of text-adding apps are available in the market but what separate Type Lie for iOS apart is its support for formats like .otf, .ttf fonts and .zip archives. Adding custom texts to your photo is made more powerful and stylish with the app's 18 blending options complete with shadows, strokes, background colours, gradients and so much more. Download it here.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The app basically allows you to search for unknown numbers and delivers you all available information associated with that number. Details could include first and last names, address, mobile network carrier, gender, location, job, education, etc.

Reverse Phone Lookup for iOS is useful to determine if the number is owned by a bill collector, telemarketer, scammer, prank callers, ex-flings and wrong number callers. Download it here.


The app is a simple GPS speedometer packed with a speed limiter and HUD mode. Use sound and visual alarm for the speed limiter. The HUD mode gives you two mirroring modes. Download it here.

This article was first published on August 7, 2017
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