These paid iOS apps are now up for free!

Price ranges from US$0.99 to US$6.99, so if you want to save some bucks get your iPhone or iPad now.

This week's premium iOS apps include two fun games, a diabetes management tool and two amazing camera apps. Price ranges from US$0.99 to US$6.99, so if you want to save some bucks get your iPhone or iPad now.

Here are some paid iOS apps of the week that you can download for a limited time only:

DeGeo Camera (US$0.99)

If you are looking for camera apps that do not track and save your location, deGeo Camera is for you. Geotags are part of a photo's metadata in most cases and it may be difficult to get rid of them sometimes. This tool lets you capture location-less images to protect your privacy. Download deGeo Camera for iOS here.

QuestLord (US$0.99)

QuestLord is a turn-based role-playing game wherein you play as a lone hero commissioned to save the Shattered Ream from devastation. Download QuestLord for iOS here.

Glucose Buddy (US$6.99)

For more than nine years, the Glucose Buddy app has been deemed as the top diabetes management tool so it has proven a lot. The app is simple and easy to use. It allows you to log your blood glucose, medication and meals in one entry. It will also show you the trends in your blood sugar, insulin, weight, blood pressure, A1C and more. Download Glucose Buddy for iOS here.

Toca Life: Farm (US$2.99)

Enjoy your time on the farm from sunup to sundown with Toca Life: Farm. This game allows you work and play in a farmer's way—from milking your cow to gathering eggs from hens and raising your crops. The main goal here is to harvest your produce and sell them at the store. You can also create an original video of your adventure. Download Toca Life: Farm for iOS here.

Tap Cam (US$2.99)

Giving you more than 50 filters and effects in real-time, Tap Cam is a powerful tool to edit your photos as you take them. It also has tools like zoom, continuous shooting, delayed automatic release, grid and image stabilisation. Download Tap Cam for iOS here.

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