These 6 mind-blowing facts about oranges will convince you to have one everyday

Oranges are especially beneficial when you have a weak immune system and prone to catch diseases.

Who doesn't like to eat a delicious and juicy fruit like orange? Othe than being a rich source of vitamin C, the citric fruit has other amazing health benefits.

It is scientifically proven that an orange a day can give you same benefits of an apple a day. According to studies, oranges have more than 170 different phytochemicals and 60 flavonoids, which have strong antioxidant effects on the body.

Check out these benefits of the magic fruit and don't forget to include them in your daily diet!

Top 7 reasons to include orange in your diet
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Boosts immunity
As we know that orange is rich in Vitamin C, which is a key factor to provide anti-oxidant by defending other foreign substances, eating a single medium-sized orange can fulfil your daily requirement of the organic compound. Oranges are especially beneficial when you have a weak immune system and prone to catch diseases.

Nourishes skin

All renowned cosmetic industries across the globe include orange in their products. The fruit is essential for maintaining healthy and bright skin as it reduces collagen, which is a key component to maintain skin's overall appearance and texture.

Due to its rich content of Vitamin C, oranges are used in diverse creams to prevent skin damage and cure spots, patches, and scar.

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Helps to protect eyes
Since orange is equally rich in vitamin A, it helps to keep mucous membranes healthy and protective.Vitamin A also fights against age-related macular degeneration. Most importantly it plays a vital role in helping eyes absorb required amount of light.

Keeps heart healthy

Oranges contain flavonoids (hesperidins), which help to reduce cholesterol level and prevent blocking of arteries and in turn keep the heart healthy. If ignored, cholesterols can accumulate and completely block arteries, which eventually leads to heart attack.

Develops brain

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Orange contributes to the development of the brain and keeps all others important organs healthy. As it contains a substantial amount of vitamin B9, these prominent nutrients further promote better brain development.

Orange is also highly recommended for pregnant women as it prevents babies from getting neurological disorders in the womb.

Cures constipation

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Oranges are also rich in soluble and insoluble fibre, which keeps your stomach and intestines healthy and cure irritable bowel syndrome. Daily intake of this fruit provides fibre helps faeces move smoothly and keeps constipation at bay.