There is no shortcut to success, you need to put in the work, says Digital Marketing Expert Paul James

Paul James

'Get rich quick' books lure many people. And why not? Who doesn't want to get rich quick? But, the fact of the matter is, there are no shortcuts. 'I want to be relatable and want people to understand that it does take work. I don't want to come off as a get-rich-quick guru,' says digital marketing expert Paul James. 'Organic' is the name of the game, and when backed by relevant trends, traffic, and money flow in! Paul James shares the top 5 trends in digital marketing in 2020.

Artificial intelligence 'AI and voice SEO were once mocked as ambitiously ridiculous concepts,' shares Paul. Today, AI is one of the most important digital marketing trends. It's among the top priorities for most businesses. Paul states that the times we are going through, the COVID era, it's going to change how things work. AI is undoubtedly going to be at the core of many businesses. It's already happening. Have you heard of Knightscope K5 bots? They're the new security guards of Microsoft and Uber. They help in guarding parking and other outdoor spaces to anticipate and avert criminal activities. You can rent them for less than a human security guard's salary!

Voice search

More searches happen on mobiles than on computers. 'And I don't just mean smartphones, but virtual devices like Alexa by Amazon and Apple HomePod,' explains Paul. Paul advocates that voice is the way forward as the searches become more 'conversational.' You can ask 'where's the best club?' rather than type' best club in London' to get relevant spots. It's because your mobile's GPS is always on and the browsers know where you are. Therefore, it's essential your business is on Google Maps. Position it well location-wise, particularly if you have a local business.


Paul states that more than 70% of businesses want chatbots as their instant messaging services allow a customer to chat in real-time. They're a favorite of customer service businesses and ridesharing companies like Lyft. You can book your ride from Lyft via Facebook Messenger Chat or Amazon Echo Voice. Their chatbot will update you on your driver's current location.

Conversational Marketing

'The popularity of chatbots brings to fore the reality of a conversational world,' says Paul. Users like it that way, and so brands are responding. Paul advocates the importance of instant solutions. When a user asks a question, he/she wants an "immediate" reply. More than 85% of people are like that. A digital marketing trend that cannot be ignored, indeed!

Video Marketing

Last but not least, video-based content was, is, and will always rule. Be it YouTube or other such media. 'video informs and entertains people,' expresses Paul. Like it or not, most users prefer to watch a video rather than scroll and read (and strain their eyes over) several pages of an article.