Is there going to be a reboot of the show 'Friends'? Jennifer Aniston hints at it

On the Ellen's show, Jennifer Aniston revealed that there might be "something" the cast might be working on

reese witherspoon and jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston along with Witherspoon from "The Morning Show" Instagram/ Reese Witherspoon

Looks like the wait is over for all you "Friends" fans! After all, there might be something interesting coming your way. After years of wishes and prayers, the "Friends" fans have something to look forward to. In a recent visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" the 50-year-old Jennifer Aniston, spoke openly that there might be something that the cast of the famous sitcom "Friends", are working on. She never disclosed any details about this "something" but, since this piece of information was revealed by "The Morning Show" star, the fans of the show "Friends" have been going crazy and aren't able to keep calm.

Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Puth
Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Puth on The Ellen's Show Charlie Puth/ Instagram

The show that began in 1994 came to an end in May 2004. It's been fifteen years since the show came to an end but, the show is still the most-watched series of all times. It is a perfect definition of a classic! On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Aniston was seen getting candid. Along with Aniston, the show also had Charlie Puth paying a visit. During the course of their conversation, the "We Don't Talk Anymore" singer admitted that he is a huge fan of series "Friends" and he was also hoping for a reboot.

In response to this, Aniston said, "A reboot of the show? No." Thought she admitted that she and the other members of the show would love for something like that to happen they are still unsure of anything like this. She says, "Listen, we would love for there to be something, but we don't know what that something is, so we're just trying."

Jennifer Aniston
Charlie Puth along with Jennifer Aniston on the show Charlie Puth/ Instagram

Charlie Puth has also said that he would want to be involved if they were making a reboot. Looks like the reboot ("if" there is going to be one) will have some amazing music for everyone to look forward to. Well, not just this, Aniston even said something the "Friends" fans have been waiting to hear, "We're working on something." As soon as the show host Ellen heard this, she exclaimed in response by guessing if it is going to be a movie. However, Aniston's reply was coated with sarcasm when she said, it was going to be a "huge, huge, huge movie."