Thailand: South Korean tourist shoots himself at Phuket shooting range

The police say the weapon that was used in the incident was a Smith & Wesson .44.

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A 42-year-old Korean tourist was seriously injured after he shot himself in the face at Patong Hill Shooting Range on Monday night. Dong Ok Yun, the victim was rushed to Patong Hospital by rescue workers. But, she was later transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital.

"Dong sustained a bullet wound under his chin and is now under doctors' care," Maj Pattapee Srichai of Patong Police told The Nation. The police said the weapon that was used in the incident was a Smith & Wesson .44.

"According to staff members at the shooting range, the gun was loaded with six bullets. After shooting the first four at the target, he suddenly pointed it at his chin," Maj Pattapee added.

He also said: "The staff member tried to stop him and take possession of the gun, but failed. Dong then fired a shot in the air, before pointing the weapon at the staff member, who ran out." Later, Dong shot himself in the chin.

"At this stage, we have yet to learn the reason behind this. We are waiting to question him when he recovers," Maj Pattapee said.

In 2016, a foreigner died after he shot himself in the head at the same range, while another 21-year-old British national attempted suicide at Thalang Shooting Range in 2015.