Thailand: Pilot dies as fighter jet crashes during Children's Day air show [VIDEO]

The mishap happened at the Hat Yai airport during a Children's Day air show.

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A fighter jet pilot was killed after the aircraft crashed during a Children's Day air show in Thailand's Songkhla province on Saturday. According to reports, the incident happened around 9.27am when the pilot Sqn Ldr Dilokrit Pattavee was performing a surprise attack manoeuvre with his Jas 39C Gripen fighter jet during the Thailand's annual Children's Day show in Hat Yai city.

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According to Agence France-Presse, defence ministry spokesman Major General Kongcheep Tantravanich confirmed the news by saying: "One pilot was killed in the accident this morning." He also added that an investigation has been ordered to determine how the crash happened. There has not been any report additional injuries as of yet.

The Thai media also reported that an airport fire engine overturned while rushing to put out the fire shortly after the crash, according to Bangkok Post. Officials also shut down the Hat Yai airport to clear the runway after the mishap.

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Meanwhile, commercial flights were diverted to Krabi airport and flights departing from the Hat Yai airport were delayed, reported the news website.

"The Prime Minister has expressed his condolences to (the) pilot, his family and the Royal Thai Air Force," said the Major General, according to AFP.The "Royal Thai Air Force" also urged people to refrain from sharing the video on social media as a mark of respect for the victim's family.