Thai serial killer, who killed girlfriend too, arrested after hundreds of bones of victims found in his pond

In 1983, in a crime masterminded by his mother, the arrested serial killer's father had murdered and dismembered a 15-year old girl

Apichai Ongwisit (40), dubbed as 'metal casket killer' was arrested on Monday, Jan. 20, after the decomposed body of his 22-year-old girlfriend was found in his pond, six months after she disappeared.

During the investigation, as many as 298 bones were fished out from the pond, allegedly belonging to at least two other victims. The 'serial killer' Ongwisit is son of wealthy property owner Chalermchai Onkvisit, who owned a market in the Thai capital.

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Ongwisit's many victims

The gory story started in July last year when Ongwisit and his 22-year old girlfriend Warinthorn Chaiyachet, known to her friends as 'Kik', made a police complaint about an alleged sexual assault on her and the police launched a search for the suspects. But soon after the complaint, she suddenly disappeared.

Though the investigating team suspected her to have been killed, her dead body was not traced until January 9. After her kidnap, officers revealed that the victim was suffocated, chained with large metal objects and then thrown into the pond. Ongwisit, reportedly a drug-user, made her sleep inside a metal casket, due to fear of losing her, Bangkok Post reported. He has admitted that he opened the metal casket in August and found her dead.

During the probe, 298 bones belonging to at least two other victims were found. The authorities are planning to drain the pond for their investigation, in order to uncover the full extent of Ongwisit's alleged killing spree.

The Police chief has said that a number of women, who were involved with the culprit had mysteriously disappeared. These women included friends, girlfriends and prostitutes. A family who lived near his home, said that they believe their 12-year old missing family member too could be found inside the pond.

Ongwisit's father, a killer himself

In 1983, Ongwisit's father had murdered and dismembered a 15-year old girl, for which he was arrested and later shot dead. His mother, accused of masterminding the crime, fled the country with his younger sister.