Thai Man Undergoes 30 Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Kpop Idol, Becomes Pattaya Dancer

Ratchadapong Prasit was rejected seven times at dance auditions; now he says he is successful.

Ratchadapong Prasit
Ratchadapong Prasit before and after 30 plastic surgeries. Twitter

A man from Thailand has undergone 30 plastic surgeries to make his face look like a Kpop star's. Ratchadapong Prasit suffered an inferiority complex and wanted to change his face completely. So he saved money for years and at 25, he is making headlines with a changed face.

Prasit started undergoing surgeries two years ago. These 30 cosmetic procedures cost him around 300,000 Thai Baht ($9,100). Prasit claimed that his life completely changed after plastic surgeries and every penny he spent was worth it.

Prasit saved up money by working as a shoe seller. Currently, he works as a cabaret dancer at a theatre in Pattaya and describes himself successful. With the change of face he changed his name also too Minho. He changed the name after Kpop idol from SHINEE boy group Minho, whom he called his inspiration.

Rejected Seven Times at Pattaya Auditions

Prasit had made headlines even before he started undergoing plastic surgeries on his face. He made news in May 2017 when he was interviewed by a Daily News website. Prasit had announced that he was undergoing multiple plastic surgeries to change his fate. He had said he was not successful in his professional life or personal life. He wanted to be a dancer and had auditioned seven times in a Pattaya theatre, but was rejected every time for different reasons. He also had said that he was not lucky in relationships as ladies hesitated to date him.

Ratchadapong Prasit
Ratchadapong Prasit after 30 cosmetic procedures. Twitter

He again made news after he posted his pictures before and after the surgery. Now he not only got through a Pattaya theatre, but also was a finalist in Thailand's 'One Man' talent show. Since then, he has made numerous appearances on Thailand televisions and is a popular face on social media too.

'Not Embarrassed Of Plastic Surgery'

He shared his views with Daily News after the surgery and said that he was not embarrassed to share his plastic surgery transformation with the world. It is not addictive, but can help change your life, he said.

Another man to make headlines for similar reasons is Miyyo Rizone from Thailand. He underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries to look like an anime-like character in 2019. Yet another man, Noppajit Monlin, had also got the plastic surgery in the reality show 'Let Me In.'