Texas Police Botched Operation? At Least One Child Was Killed by Shooter After Cops Asked Captives to Yell for Help

A girl student was shot dead by Salvador Ramos as she spoke out loud asking for help while responding to the cops standing outside the classroom. One of the cops reportedly shouted, "yell if you need help" to which the girl had replied saying, "help".

This is another episode that has put a question mark on the "efficiency" of the Texas Police which has already come in the firing line of the parents of the deceased children and a large number of people across the world. The cops have been accused of delaying action and mishandling the situation.

Recounting the tale of horror, a fourth-grade boy stated that as soon as the cops from outside the classroom asked the students to yell if anybody needed help, a girl shouted back saying, "Help". The shooter heard the girl and went near her and shot her dead.

Texas shooting

Did the Cops Follow Protocol?

As per a report published by Business Insider, the little boy who narrated this take was hiding under the table with his friend. The boy said that he and his friend were hiding hard and kept still throughout the incident knowing that even a slight moment could cost them their lives.

However, the cops with their vast experience had no idea that asking for a response from the children who were being shot at was a bad idea and that the shooter will target the ones trying to ask for help.

The social media followers have criticized the cops for the delayed action as has been pointed at by the dozens of parents of the children who lost their lives in the ghastly occurrence.

The statements of the children who survived the attack have added fuel to the fire. A faction of followers lashed out at the cops stating that in addition to dealing with various such incidents, they attend regular drills wherein they are asked to abide to a "line of action" which is certainly not asking the victims to yell while facing a shooter.

A Twitter user while sharing his reaction wrote, "Cops are supposed to respond to save kids, not stand by while they are all slaughtered WTF How many could have been saved? SMDH The cops didn't shoot the bastard Border Patrol did Coward cops Police response to Texas school shooting questioned."

"Texas shooting: Police accused of delay in storming Uvalde school - Cops, you job is to protect the people especially the vulnerable. There is no one more vulnerable than a child. Your Job is to make sure the public go home safe. F***ng cowards!" read a tweet.

Another Twitter user stated, "There were cops.. many cops & they were waiting outside the school for Border Security Agents to arrive all while the massacre was going unchallenged! Why? Police face questions over response to Texas school shooting #SmartNews."