Texas Mother Played Dead to Save Her Toddlers as Ex-Boyfriend Stabbed Her Eight Times

A Texas mother played dead to save her toddlers when her ex-boyfriend broke into her home and stabbed her eight times. Brittany Morris was stabbed brutally in her neck, back, hip, and face by her ex-boyfriend Rondell Raman Malveaux, with whom she had a three-year on and off relationship.

The mother became paralyzed from the chest down as Malveaux stabbed her with the kitchen knife in August 2019. The incident happened after she told her boyfriend that she was breaking up her boyfriend.

Brittany Morris
Brittany Morris Twitter

Brittany Morris Wanted to Save Her Twins

Morris revealed that she pretended to die after Malveaux stabbed her as she wanted to save her twins.

The mother believed that if she pretends dead, Rondell will not harm her children and would leave her place.

Raman Malveaux Took Away All The Phones From Home

Rondell had left the place quickly after stabbing Brittany and took away all phones from the home to pretend her from informing the police.

The woman revealed that Rondell didn't want her to be with anyone else and had warned that he would murder Morris, who is now rebuilding her life as she has recently graduated from college.

Morris Still Fears Malveaux Can Harm Her Again

"He was like, so you're done with me, this is it? and I said yes and then he just started stabbing away right into my neck to the spine and so I was paralyzed instantly. 'I was awake the whole time so I remember everything,' she said, according to Daily Mail.

But Morris survived the attack, however, she still fears for her safety because of her Malveaux, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison but could be eligible for parole earlier than scheduled. Rondell was charged with aggravated assault under the category of family violence. Morris still fears that he can again harm her as he comes back.

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