Texas Middle School Teacher Caught on Camera Removing Her Mask and Exhaling Over Student after Cornering Her

The unnamed teacher, from Mead Middle School in Houston, Texas, was removed from the classroom after video of the September 17 incident was posted on Facebook.

A Texas middle school teacher is facing termination after she was caught on camera removing her mask intentionally and exhaling over a student's face and then yelling at her. The unnamed teacher, from Mead Middle School in Houston, Texas, was removed from the classroom after video of the September 17 incident was posted on Facebook.

The video shows the cornered student trying to escape the wrath of her teacher but she continues to breathe in her face. The altercation started after the teacher pulled down her mask in the classroom while teaching the students.

Unlike a Teacher

The video, shared by local "community reporter" Grizzy's Hood News Exclusive, on Facebook shows the teacher arguing with a student, who was backed up against a wall. The student is seen covering her face with her hand as the unmasked teacher continuously breathes over her during the altercation.

As the teacher tries to overpower the student, the mask-wearing student can be heard telling her, "Get out of my face". "You get out of mine," the teacher responded before she began exhaling heavily just centimeters away from the student's face.

Although the incident happened on September 17, it started doing the rounds on social media this week.

The short video opens with a scarlet-haired teacher approaching the student and then corners her against the wall. A second video was also posted that too shows the teacher cornering the student.

Teacher exhales
The teacher seen exhaling over the student Facebook

"Shut up," the teacher is heard screaming at the girl, who is wearing a mask. "First of all, don't get it twisted."

The student then holds her hand up to her face as the unmasked teacher breaths on her. "I don't care. I don't care," the teacher says while breathing out frantically.

"Get out of my face," the student says as she tries to move out from there, to which the teacher says, "Make me."

At one point, the student argues: "That's why your breath smells," prompting other students in the class break into laughter.

"You want me to leave your class or not?" the student asks twice.

"No, actually [unintelligible] sit back down," the teacher demands, slapping a desk. "Sit back down." The video then ends

Too Aggressive

teacher student

On Thursday, the district said the teacher has been removed from the classroom and will likely be terminated soon for her "unacceptable" conduct inside the classroom.

The Aldine Independent School District requires face coverings for all students and staff. It's one of 19 independent Texas school districts that have sued Gov. Greg Abbott over his ban on school-wide mask mandates. "After being notified of the incident, the teacher was removed from the classroom and an investigation was conducted. The investigation has concluded and the district will take appropriate administrative action," a spokeswoman told DailyMail.

The district or school, however, has not given the name of the teacher and the student. It is also unclear what led to the incident. The page where the video clip was posted claims an unnamed relative of the student said that school staff initially told them nothing had happened, before the footage emerged online.

Moreover, the relative also claimed that the teacher was put on leave but with pay.