Texas Kids, Including Infant and 4-Year-Old Twins Found Covered in Feces at Home; Parents Arrested

Investigators entered the house to find the stench of feces emanating from room.

Texas resident Katelynn Schengeli, 26, was arrested on December 22 after four children, including an infant and twin girls, were found unkempt, hungry, and covered in feces inside a home. According to The Sun, Smith County deputies responded to a 911 call made by an 8-year-old. The officers reached the scene to find Schengeli unconscious under the influence of alcohol. Later, when interviewed by the officers, Schengeli admitted to drinking alcohol earlier.

In response to the 911 call made by Schengeli's eldest child, an 8-year-old, EMS reached the scene to find an infant crying in a crib next to her bed. The infant was covered in feces, which appeared to have spilled out of its diaper which hadn't been changed for a while. The EMS cleaned up the infant and changed its diaper.

In addition to that, officers also found 4-year-old twin girls locked up inside a room of the house. One of the girls was sleeping on the floor without clothes next to a dirty diaper. The other one was 'screaming' for water. The girls were provided with necessary utilities by the EMS. Katelynn Schengeli was charged with four counts of 'child endangerment.'

Katelynn Schengeli
Katelynn Schengeli Smith County Sheriff's Office

Malnourished children

One of the officers at the scene called Child Protective Services (CPS) requesting child removal, while others informed investigators. According to the investigators, they entered the home to find it reeking of feces emitting from each of the rooms. The EMS also reported that all the children appeared to be malnourished, so much so, that the 11-month old infant looked like a 3-6 months old.

The CPS removed the children from the 'house of horrors' and took the infant and the twin girls to UT health for medical evaluation. All four children were reported to have been placed in a safe living environment afterward.

Katelynn Schengeli's boyfriend Cory Evans was also Arrested

Katelynn Schengeli's boyfriend, Cory Evans, who is also the father of the infant and the twin girls, was arrested. Evans is also charged with four counts of 'child endangerment' with a $50,000 bond set for each charge. It is not clear at what amount Schengeli's bond was set at. More details about the incident will surface after the couple's court appearance in the coming days.

Katelynn Schengeli (L) and Cory Evans
Katelynn Schengeli (L) and Cory Evans Smith County Jail