Texas Doctor Performs 67 Abortions a Day Before the Ban; Compares Pro-Life Politicians to Taliban

A Texas abortion provider performed 67 abortions on August 31, the night before the state's six-week abortion ban came into effect. "You can call them the Taliban of Texas," he angrily said of politicians who enacted the controversial ban.

Jasbir Ahluwalia, an ob-gyn at Whole Woman's Health Clinic in Forth Worth, described his experience performing 67 terminations in an interview with The Vice.

Ahluwalia Worked Relentlessly to Perform 67 Abortions

"Nobody cared for their own welfare," the Kenyan-born doctor said. "The workers—they want to take care of the patients. That was an amazing, amazing attitude I saw for the first time in all these 50 years of practice of medicine . . . They wanted to take care of every patient, bring them in, move and move and move. I saw tremendous, tremendous teamwork that night. "

He added, "And it went on by the book. We did not take any shortcuts. Everything was done properly. I was really amazed. "

He said they treated every patient that came in on August 31, but the clinic was a ghost town once the law went into effect the next day. Now, he can only perform abortions on a fraction of the patients who come to him for help, since about 85 percent of abortions in Texas take place after six weeks of pregnancy, according to The Vice. "We do reject a lot of patients, and that's very sad," he noted in his interview.

Ahluwalia Says Supporters of the Ban Are 'Taliban of Texas'

He said that he's hearing people in other countries compare supporters of the Texas law to the Taliban. 'Yes, you can call them the Taliban of Texas,' he added. 'They hate women. Have they ever passed a law saying, "Men should not get more than three shots of testosterone per week, or men cannot get more than five Viagra pills per week? Let's control that, that's not good. We should have one pill per month. That's all." No. Never, ever, ever.'

Ahluwalia said he believed he would continue to provide abortion for another 10 years, until he's 93, and he doesn't plan on stopping now. "I will continue to serve and walk through the front door of an abortion clinic and take care of the patients," he said.

Abortion rights activists
Abortion rights activists rally at the Texas State Capitol on September 11 in Austin, Texas. Twitter

Social Media Reactions

Many internet users appreciated the efforts of the doctor while some pro-life users called him mass-murderer. One internet user said, "Well done to this doctor for doing his job, he isn't bragging about it, he is simply stating that 67 women made a difficult choice and he assisted them to its conclusion." Another wrote, "We need more brave doctors and ob/gyn; this man is 83 years old!!! God bless him."

One comment read, "What an icon. 83yrs old & worked through the night to help as many women as possible." Another read, "You can call them the Taliban of Texas".... Truer words NEVER been spoken!!!!!"

One social media user said, "At 83, he should be long retired." Another said, "What a proud day! Killing 67 people.. and bragging about it! What a clown world we are in!"

"Women have the right to choose but it sounds like he's bragging when it should be a private matter. It's not a statistic it's a huge decision," said one user. Another twitted, "That's so many babies. If this were happening to other animals, they would be declared endangered."