Texas Dentist Warns Against Bizarre TikTok Trend Showing People Reshaping Teeth Using Nail File

Doctors reveal how people can harm their teeth if they follow amateur TokTok cosmeticians to reshape their tooth

Amateur TokTok cosmeticians have started a bizarre trend showing how they can use nail files to reshape crooked teeth. But according to dentists, this is not only damaging to the teeth but also appears to be a dumb act.

The co-founder of Texas-based Smile Magic Family Dental, Dr. Chad Evans, who came to know about this viral TikTok trend after his colleagues showed him the videos on the video-sharing social networking service, said that "you are doing irreparable damage and destruction to your teeth," by using nail filer.

Bizarre TikTok trend Pixabay

Videos are Going Viral

The videos show how people are attempting to fix their uneven smiles by using a nail file to sand their teeth down to size. It is actually a cheap version of a dental procedure called enameloplasty, in which dentists remove small amounts of tooth enamel to change a tooth's size, shape, length, or surface.

However, unlike professionals who known how to reshape your tooth, following an amateur TikTok cosmetician would cause the removal of vital coating and that may lead the tooth to become hypersensitive or even die. Dr. Evans recalled one clip in which a female TikTok user with a chipped tooth filed down her two front teeth to match her uneven tooth's length.

"Essentially, what she's doing is she's shortening the lifespan of her teeth. They are now compromised, and it's just a matter of time before she starts developing serious issues," explained Dr. Evans.

An orthodontist Benjamin Winters said, "You need to know specifics before you can do stuff like this, You can't do this by yourself." He also advised people that if they want to reshape their teeth, they should see an expert who knows exactly how much enamel to remove "to be healthy for the teeth."

As per another expert, Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin, "you file them, and they look pretty good," but the actual problem remains unsolved. "So, what are you going to do in a few years when they are uneven again and your teeth are shorter?" he said.