Tesla's Shanghai Factory Produces 240,000 Cars So Far This Year

Tesla's Shanghai factory will have produced as many as 300,000 cars by the end of September, according to reports. The rise in car sales was capped by a delivery rush in the end of the July-September quarter, notwithstanding a global semiconductor shortage.

Tesla makes the electric Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles for domestic and international markets at the Shanghai factory.

tesla loses to general motors
Tesla shares dip lower than General Motors. Reuters

Tesla currently has manufacturing facilities in China and the United States.

'China Crackdown'

The news comes months after Tesla said it was opening a new data center in China. Elon Musk-owned EV maker made the announcement after many Chinese government organizations reportedly banned Tesla vehicles from their campuses over security concerns.

The new data center will collect data from vehicles sold in the country locally. Tesla was under the scrutiny of Chinese security agencies after it was reported Tesla cars' data collection from the cameras in its vehicles was seen as a security threat.

Meanwhile, also in May, Tesla chief Elon Musk said the electric car maker was working to set up manufacturing facility in Russia. Reuters said in a report that Tesla is exploring options of opening factories in Russia.

Tesla Supercharger station
Tesla charging station Pixabay

Reuters reported, citing sources, that around 240,000 Tesla cars were shipped from the Shanghai factory in the first eight months of the year, including many for export. Tesla has not announced details on the factory's production.

Tesla is Hiring in China

The numbers were pulled from data with the China Passenger Car Association. The sources requested anonymity, as they were not allowed to speak to media, the news agency reported. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In August, an official in the area where Tesla's factory is located said it is expected to product 450,000 vehicles this year, including 66,100 for export. read more

Tesla is hiring managers for legal and external relations teams in China as it faces public scrutiny in the country over data security and customer service complaints.

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