Tesla pickup concept design uses clues from Teaser and it looks gorgeous

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When it comes to the design of the elusive Tesla pickup truck, we've yet to see any official photo apart from the vague teaser shown during the Model Y launch.

Due to this, concept designers had to rely mostly on Tesla CEO Elon Musk's statements of what the car could look like. Based on what he said, we know that the design will be out of this world and has even been described as a "cyberpunk" truck, one that wouldn't feel out of place in a "Blade Runner" movie.

Renders have been shared online that show a really futuristic utility vehicle that's massive in size and design and Tesla fans actually loved it. Yet a few months after the first teaser, there are no other official releases of what else to expect.

Recently, however, concept designer The Sketch Monkey took a stab at designing the pickup based on what Musk has revealed so far. In a video, The Sketch Monkey first pointed out that most of the renders do not apply any of the EV brand's style signature. Due to this, he decided to create a design around the angles of the Model X.

He also kept the design more conventional, perhaps angling on Musk's statement that the Tesla pickup will have the functionality of the popular Ford F-150 series. The Tesla render, however, is higher with extended overhang for the cargo bed. Inlets in the corners also add some unique feature to the concept design. What resulted is a unique vehicle indeed that's unlike other pickup trucks in the market.

The problem, however, is that it doesn't look a "cyberpunk" as to how Musk probably intends it to be. The design actually looks like the vehicle that was designed and customized by YouTuber Simone Gertz who turned her Model 3 into a functional yet unofficial Tesla pickup. Based on the teaser also, the Tesla pickup is supposed to sport an angular design while The Sketch Monkey's version obviously has more curves.

At any rate, design renders of the upcoming vehicle that's expected to make an appearance next year is not only gaining a lot of attention but much-needed interest needed to make Tesla's next EV a success.

The Tesla pickup truck is set to retail at $50,000, has 400 to 500 miles range on a full charge and an impressive 300,000 pounds of towing capabilities.

This article was first published in IBTimes US. Permission required for reproduction.