Tesla Model 3: An electric car for everyone that even petrolheads would root for

Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest full electric car yet.

There are electric carmakers, and there are electric carmakers that make exciting cars. Tesla surely falls into the second category.

Petrolheads would generally ridicule electric cars like Prius, but tell them about Tesla Model S and they will be on their toes.

Reality hits hard. Tesla Model S, however exciting it is, not everybody can afford it. So what do you do? Make a cheaper, mass market model for everyone. That's exactly the Tesla Model 3 is.

Tesla's latest electric car comes in for USD 35,000. You can find hybrid cars in this range, but Tesla Model 3 is purely an electric car. Tesla has already taken care of the range anxiety. The Model 3 can go up to 215 miles once fully charged. While the acceleration may not be as quick as its own Model S, the Model 3 can still do 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. Anyone buying this car wouldn't be looking for drag races, right?

Tesla's cars come with a lot of technology on board and the Model 3 isn't an exception. It comes with the Autopilot as a standard feature and it already has a 5-star rating in all categories. I would just say it's a computer on the wheels.

Tesla Model 3 looks cool, but the front of the car is little too bland. Since the car will actually be delivered in late 2017, one can hope that it will look even better by then. The electric sedan still carries the retractable body panels from its elder sibling which is a brilliant feature.

Tesla has already started taking pre-orders for the Model 3 with $1000 as reservation fees. It has already taken some 125,000 pre-orders, which clearly highlights the interest and confidence in its electric cars.