Terror Alert: Russian Security Warns of Jihadi Plot Using Coronavirus Spreaders

The counter-terrorism coordinator for the European Union had previously warned that terrorists could exploit the current coronavirus chaos to execute deadly attacks


The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has already claimed the lives of 5,05,000 people worldwide. With more than 10.2 million positive cases and rising graphs in countries like India, the deadly pandemic has turned the entire world upside down. And now, anti-terror police in Russia have warned of a Jihadi plot, that involves terrorist organizations exploiting the coronavirus to cause chaos.

A Dire Warning Issued by Russian Top Cop

Andrei Novikov, Head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Anti-Terrorism Center revealed that Islamic terrorist organizations are recruiting Jihadi soldiers to carry out attacks in various parts of the world. Novikov added that the terrorists have been asked to spread coronavirus in public places.

"While governments are trying to ensure health security, focusing on protecting the lives and health of their people, recruiters of international terrorist groups are not just taking advantage of the difficult situation in order to recruit more 'Jihad soldiers,' they are calling on infected members to spread COVID-19 as wide as possible in public places, state agencies and so on," said Novikov, Tass reports.

Novikov remarked that the terrorists game plan will psychologically shatter people as they will have to face two threats at the same time, the deadly pandemic and potential terror attacks.

Another Warning from EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator

A few weeks back, Gilles de Kerchove, the counter-terrorism coordinator for the European Union had warned that terrorist organizations may make use of the coronavirus chaos to carry out deadly attacks in different parts of the world.

"The massive amount of money that will be spent to address the economic, social, and healthcare consequences of the virus risks being at the expense of security. We must prevent the one crisis ending up producing another," said Kerchove.

The warnings from both the counter-terrorism experts have reportedly started worrying governments all over the world, and authorities believe that strict action plans should be made to thwart the diabolical terror plot.

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