Teenagers arrested for vandalizing helicopter monument at Bogor airbase

Investigation officers are now questioning the three vandalizing suspects at the Kemang police station


The Kemang Police have arrested three teenagers suspecting them for vandalizing a helicopter monument with spray paint at the Atang Sendjaja airbase, Bogor. After vandalizing, the teenagers posted the video of their act on Instagram, which finally resulted in their arrest. The investigation officers are now questioning the teenagers at the Kemang Police station.

Investigation aided with Instagram and Facebook

Maj. David Rumaya, the spokesperson at the Arang Sendjaja airbase said that the suspects were arrested from the city of Depok, West Java. David Rumaya also added that the identity and address of the suspects were unraveled after tracking their Instagram and Facebook posts.

As per reports, the teenagers have confessed the mistake they had committed and said that their act of vandalism was inspired by similar videos they watched on YouTube. In the video they posted on Instagram, one of the boys who took part in vandalizing was seen climbing a fence to approach the monument, and later painting the body of the monument with spray paint.

According to David Rumaya, the boys might have done this act to get a feel of self-satisfaction. They also wanted to let others know that they are also capable in doing similar stunts which are being mostly performed in Western countries.

Vandalism is creating huge problems in Indonesian cities. On June 2017, a group of irresponsible people vandalized the Semanggi Interchange. To avoid similar incidents, the authority soon installed closed-circuit cameras in the property. Ahead of Idul Fitr, an Ahmadiyah mosque in Depok was also vandalized which brought about tensions in the area.