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A 14-year-old girl died due to a malfunctioning swing ride that flung her off mid-air at a amusement park in Fengdu County, China on Friday afternoon. The incident took place when the teenager was on the A Journey In Space ride at Zhaohua Park.

In a video, the girl was seen slipping out from her seat after the ride goes upside down and she was left dangling from the ride by one leg for a few seconds before she was thrown to the ground.

Reports said the onlookers were screaming in distress as they witnessed the tragedy. Several attempts of cardiopulmonary resuscitation were done but all went unsuccessful. Later at around 2.20 pm, she was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The Chongqing Morning Post quoted a county official as saying that the ride had malfunctioned. According to local media reports, the local authorities are investigating the incident.

Zhaohua Park, spananning across 29 acres, is a popular amusement destination for localites. It features a number of interesting space-themed rides.