Teenage Girl Makes Her 3-Year-Old Brother Smoke Marijuana and Posts Video Online

Parents of the child had entrusted his care to their elder daughter during a function.

An 18-year old girl named Larissa Contreras has been arrested in Texas and charged with putting a child in danger after authorities were informed of a video where she is seen making her 3-year brother smoke marijuana. This video had been posted online by Contreras. Concerned citizens informed the police and family members, remaining anonymous, helped identify the culprit.

The law-enforcement authorities swung into action after child rights activist Jasmine McGill was forwarded the video and she decided to inform the police. After taking the toddler's sister into custody, the police have also arrested a 19-year-old boy, apparently the boyfriend of the girl, and are likely to make further arrests also.

Toddler smoking
The 3-year old toddler smoking marijuana Parentology.com

Perverse Pleasure

What is most disturbing about the video, as per the information shared by Bexar County Sheriff's office, is the fact that the child seems to suffer from smoking marijuana and looks in clear discomfort. He coughs and has difficulty breathing. However, instead of providing relief to him, his elder sister and others find it funny.

"This suspect and several other persons of interest were taking quite a bit of joy at that (child's coughing). They were laughing at it and making fun of the fact that this little boy was sick. They thought it was just hilarious and the funniest thing in the world," Sheriff Javier Salazar told the media.

Video of the accused lady being escorted by police

It seems that the sickening video was recorded during a family function when Contreras was given the responsibility to look after the victim. It also looks as if she acted without the knowledge of her and the child's parents as the latter are not facing any charges.

The video of the incident became viral on social media after Contreras posted it on Facebook. What is even more bizarre is the fact that after putting the disturbing video of her brother being encouraged to smoke the narcotic on social media, the main accused even live-streamed the conversation she had with deputies of the Sheriff's department.

With the parents not suspected of any wrongdoing, the child has been allowed to be at home with them. The authorities will be conducting tests to see if the marijuana smoked by the little boy contained traces of any other substance.