Teen tennis sensation Coco Gauff chides father for cuss word on court in viral video

Coco told her father he dropped the swear word without any hesitation. Gauff then realizes his mistake but argues his innocence.

Coco Gauff, the 15-year-old Tennis Superstar, told her father to apologize to the live audience for speaking out a curse word. The incident, the video of which is going viral, occurred at the Auckland Open. Her father, wearing a mic, had blurted out the word "damn" from the courtside as he was coaching her.

A child correcting their parents is a very rare thing to behold as what mostly happens is the other way round. Parents are the ones telling their kids, where they be infants or teenagers, to keep their mouths clean when they speak and not to lose their cool when things don't go their way.

Her father was coaching her courtside when the incident occurred. Coco took a second before bringing up her father's mistake, imploring him to cop up and ask for apology to the people watching the match, which he did.

The conversation went something like this, "You can't curse," Coco told her father, fighting back a laugh under her breath. The father, still unaware of his wrongdoing, denies he did anything wrong."Did I curse? I said no, it was real weak..." Gauff said, wracking his brain to see if he could remember what he had said.

Coco points out him dropping the 'D' word without any hesitation. Gauff then realizes his mistake but argues his innocence saying "Oh well, that don't even count!"

talking it out
The Father-Daughter duo talking it out after the cursing incident @screengrab/WTA

Coco, knowing the rules of live television well, counters by saying: "In some places it does..." This where Gauff realizes where he went wrong and apologies for his lack of self-awareness. After this, the situation seemed to calm down as the pair could be seen talking and laughing, presumably making light of her father's lack of self-awareness.

Coco Gauff, lovingly tells her father to not swear on Live Television wikimediacommons
The video of the father-daughter duo having their conversation