Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg turns 17 today, here's more about her

Climate activist Greta Thunberg Thunberg celebrates her 17th birthday on Friday, January 3

Greta Thunberg
Twitter / Greta Thunberg

As the entire world is fighting climate change, activists like Greta Thunberg are giving this journey a new dimension. With her strong words and call for action, Thunberg has surprised many over the past few months, and she is also regularly meeting world leaders to take effective moves to address the climate crisis. Thunberg celebrates her 17th birthday on Friday, January 3. Here's a look at what she's accomplished already:

Unimaginable achievements

It was in August 2018 that Greta Thunberg initially grabbed the eyeballs of the general public and climate scientists when the teen girl protested outside the Swedish Parliament carrying a signboard that read 'School Strike for Climate'. Owing to her efforts to combat climate change, Thunberg has been already a Nobel Prize nominee. She was also named Time magazine's person of the year for 2019. She was also conferred with the Freedom Prize award first time by France's Normandy region.

How she's different?

Greta Thunberg had several times in the past admitted that she has Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, selective mutism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). However, Thunberg is not bothered about these things, and she loves to call herself 'bit different than the normal'. Her father Svante Thunberg told BBC last week that he had accompanied his daughter to UN climate summits at New York and Madrid, where she traveled by sea as she refuses to travel via air, due to its environmental impact. "I have two daughters and to be honest they are all that matter to me. I just want them to be happy," he said.

An expert in organizing mass rallies

Thunberg is an expert in organizing mass rallies, and all these protests have played a crucial role in creating awareness in the minds of the general public regarding the vitality of combating climate change. It should be noted that Thunberg's involvement was crucial in drawing millions of people to participate in September's Global Climate Strike. Even renowned director David Attenborough hailed her efforts and said she had "achieved things that many of us who have been working on the issue for 20 years have failed to do."

Thunberg is a published author

As the fame of Greta Thunberg has now reached new heights, Penguin Random House has released a book named 'No one is too small to make a difference' which is basically a compilation of her speeches.

Greta Thunberg starts everything from home

Greta Thunberg's effort to combat climate change begins from her home. She has apparently convinced her parents, and the entire family has adopted several lifestyle changes to reduce their own carbon footprint, by giving up air travel and stopping meat intake. However, her father was concerned about the criticism she faces. He said, he was particularly concerned about "the fake news, all the things that people try to fabricate her - the hate that that generates."