The Techno-Functional Visionary Reforming Risk Management in Banking


An industry once characterized by its steadfast adherence to tradition, the banking sector is now keeping up with integrating digital technology into banking operations, leading to increased efficiency, improved security measures, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This shift has unlocked unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.

Imran Jalil, a financial risk manager and a leading figure in integrating technology and financial analysis, pioneers innovation by introducing effective initiatives through his technological expertise and deep financial banking insights.

With over 14 years of diversified expertise in project management, data analysis, and accountancy, Jalil has addressed this rapid digital evolution and successfully driven improvements in keeping data quality to the highest standard and resolving banking issues through his top-notch strategies in risk management.

Diverse Chartered Qualifications and Continuous Learning Journey

Embarking on professional development, Jalil's exceptional path through diverse chartered qualifications and continuous pursuit of knowledge underlines his commitment to excellence and innovation in the rapidly evolving banking sector. He holds five chartered qualifications, including one awarded by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Associate Chartered Accountant of England and Wales, awarded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), and Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), all of which he passed on the first attempt.

His dedication to continuous learning is further evidenced by his status as the first Pakistani to achieve SAP S/4 Hana Certification FI & CO in 2017, a milestone that showcases his pioneering spirit in embracing cutting-edge technologies.

Additionally, Jalil's completion of blockchain and data science essentials from the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and extensive training as a Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) highlights his holistic approach to mastering the technical and strategic facets of banking in the digital age.

Strategic Improvements and Impactful Leadership

Jalil's impressive qualifications allowed him to stand out in the banking industry. During his tenure as a financial risk manager at Arab National Bank, he has helped overcome significant industry challenges by improving the bank's data quality within a record of three months, resolving a gap between source applications to core banking and several downstream applications, and safeguarding the organization from potential financial penalties.

Furthermore, Jalil's work on the external reporting project led to the correction of financial statements, bringing their value into the billion-SAR range, equivalent to hundreds of millions in USD, and positively impacting the bank's annual reports. His efforts to streamline downstream reporting, which resolved over 100 issues and enhanced the bank's operational efficiency, have earned him the Kafu Award.

"Digital transformation involves beyond adopting new technology. It also requires us to rethink how we manage risks in our strategies and operations," Jalil asserts. His work, which leverages data analytics and project management expertise to predict and mitigate financial risks, has proven his proactiveness in addressing challenges and ensuring effective financial reporting and analysis accuracy.

Jalil's leadership further extends beyond his technical expertise. He has successfully managed project management, finance, internal audit, and technology departments, overseeing a sizeable workforce. His mentorship has enabled seven staff members to reach managerial positions within three years, reflecting his dedication to fostering professional growth.

He has also overseen departmental reporting to the board level, linking tasks with performance metrics for greater transparency and accountability. Jalil's ability to connect strategic objectives with operational tasks has driven the bank's success.

Confronting Digital Transformation Risks

Despite its clear benefits, digital transformation also has associated challenges. Some argue that rapid technological adoption could lead to new vulnerabilities, including data breaches and systemic failures, which can be detrimental to industries as cautious as banking.

While acknowledging these concerns, Jalil remains optimistic about the possibilities technology can provide. "Risk is an inherent part of banking. The key is not to avoid risk but to manage it more effectively with the tools and insights technology provides," he explains.

With significant advancements in technology-driven risk management solutions, the banking industry has seen a notable trend toward adopting blockchain technology to enhance security and transparency. Jalil's blockchain expertise while working with financial data aligns with this trend, with him proactively leveraging new technologies for risk management.

Jalil's Vision for a Tech-Driven Banking Sector

The role of technology in risk management will only grow as the banking sector continues to evolve. In this context, Jalil envisions banks transcending being mere financial institutions and becoming technology-driven entities capable of anticipating and mitigating risks before they materialize.

"The future of banking depends on our ability to leverage technology to create a safer and more efficient financial ecosystem," Jalil reflects. "It's a journey of continuous innovation and adaptation."

With Jalil at the helm of risk management initiatives, he showcases his dedication to professional development and his strategic vision for the future of banking. His expertise and proactiveness are actively affecting the industry's evolution, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and resilient financial ecosystem for the years to come.