Tech entrepreneur Chris Hughes founded "RedLettuce" to help millions of WordPress website owners

Chris Hughes

Whether you run an online business or a brick and mortar location, some facet of your business is digital. Running a business without a website isn't possible as technology takes hold of our world, and everyone is expected to have an online presence. Running a web site can be a daunting task, but with various support companies and platforms available to business owners, it doesn't have to be. Entrepreneur and technology guru Chris Hughes founded RedLettuce to help millions of business owners with their WordPress websites by offering improved plugins.

Chris Hughes is no stranger to digital marketing. In fact, he has developed and sold multiple technology businesses and ran his own seven-figure websites. Chris started his first web hosting company in 1996, hosting over 50,000 websites and eventually selling to the UK's largest hosting company Fasthosts. "In the late '90s, web hosting presented so much opportunity as the race to need to get online was increasing," says Chris. "I've been passionate about helping people navigate website creation and hosting from the beginning."

After working with people on their most common website struggles, Chris knew that there had to be a better way. That is when he launched RedLettuce, a portfolio of WordPress plugins that promote a better experience for the end-user. "Whether it's a digital business or a physical store with a location, entrepreneurs have a lot they need to manage," says Chris. "I've sought out to build a portfolio of plugins that help people with their exact website needs easily and efficiently."
"The majority of website owners are good with technology, of course, but they aren't experts, and most plugins weren't meeting their needs," explains Chris. "They were either too complicated or had too steep of a learning curve for the average user. That's where we come in." What RedLettuce does is offer the user a thoughtful selection of high-quality plugins ranging from front-end feature-rich plugins to back-end extensions, which enhance website performance and e-commerce.

RedLettuce is more than just a company. It's a community of designers and technology enthusiasts who are actively working towards making WordPress, one of the most popular web hosting platforms worldwide, easier to use. "We are actively acquiring new plugins every day," says Chris. "We wanted to build the most extensive and user-friendly portfolio available." Just launched this past March, RedLettuce is on the fast-track to offering plugins meant for the modern web creator.