&TEAM: HYBE Releases Official Apology After Fans Allege Sexual Harassment During Signing Event

HYBE has released an official apology following allegations of sexual harassment by the attendees of an in-person signing event. The fan signing event of Japan's boy band &TEAM took place on Saturday (July 8). After the event, several people claimed an invasive security check and sexual harassment.

The attendees of the fan signing event took to social media platforms and online communities to complain about the alleged sexual harassment. Some fans claimed they experienced discomfort due to the invasive security check by the guards. According to the attendees, the staff checked their innerwear and touched their private parts in search of electronic devices, such as Apple Watches.

In response to the claims, HYBE released an official apology stating they plan to introduce contact-free security checks. It will also try to make it possible for fans to attend the signing event comfortably in a happy environment.


Here is the Complete Statement by HYBE:

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Fans' Messages

They pressed hard on my upper breasts and also pressed hard on my lower breasts, and it was nearly to the point of a sexual caress, so I told them, 'Those are my breasts.

They touched us to check for Apple Watches or electronic devices in case we'd record [the event], but it wasn't at the level of just skimming; instead, they touched us here and there and poked us, and it was sexual molestation.

They said they'd touch my breasts, and then after touching them, they asked, 'This is a watch, right?' and took me to a small space where they asked me to lift my clothing. They pressed me so aggressively that I had no choice but to lift my clothing, but then someone else opened the door, walked in, and watched my underwear being searched. I felt so ashamed, and it felt like my human rights had hit the floor.