Teacher mocks student's answer paper by posting it on social media

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While teachers are known as the friend, philosopher and guide of a child, they help to build a child's future, a male teacher mocked student's assignment answer on social media with disturbing comments.

Xinming Daily reported that the student made those mistakes in a geography assignment and the teacher photographed those mistakes, laugh at the stupidity of the student and shared the picture on Instagram.

Later, someone has re-shared that picture, which showed the answer sheet of the child with mockery statement. Even though the shared picture is not available on Instagram now, the social media account of the teacher was deactivated and many people have already seen similar posts on the social media platform.

The pictures showed that the student wrote and repeated the answer to the first question in the column of the second question. When the teacher saw it, he first crossed the wrong answers, clicked a picture and uploaded it on the internet with an enclosure, which stated, "I don't know if you're stupid, don't know how to read the instructions, or stupid to repeat the easy questions for me".

Many people have seen other pictures or posts, where students are being mocked by the teachers. Another picture showed a student had written, "Do Not Open" with a picture of a skull. A teacher posted the image and mocked the student by saying stating that "Childish AF. You are 13 years old or 3 years old?"

People also found another picture, where students were asked to write two things that teachers should not do in the class and a student wrote, "'Do not pay too much attention to me' and 'If I'm wrong, please don't wander in front of the class.' I'm also mocked by a male teacher."

After witnessing such photos, many people felt hat instead of humiliating students in the class or in social media platform, teachers should make them understand what was wrong with their answers.

However, a 35-year-old teacher told Xinming Daily that her school always asks the teachers not to share any kind of information related to any student on social media.

She added that it is a teacher's duty to encourage their students "to correct mistakes instead of making fun of the internet. Students are uncomfortable and parents are not happy. This not only makes the students feel bad but also their parents as well."

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