Taylor Swift turns kind, provides $5,000 to a fan under duress to pay college tuition fee

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Taylor Swift has once again helped out a fan by shelling out $4,828 to ensure that the fan does not have to compromise with studies. Recently, the singer found out that one of her fans, a student named Ayesha from the University of Waterloo, has been struggling to pay her tuition and rent and soon the Grammy winner stepped in to help her out by giving her the required money that will get her through the tuition fee and rent conundrum.

Ayesha took to Tumblr to share the news about her financial struggles. Little did she expect to receive a response from none other than Taylor Swift, who donated $6,386.47 CAD or $4,828.52 USD to the student fan. "Ayesha, get your learn on girl," Swift wrote along with her PayPal donation. "I love you!" Ayesha did take up to her Instagram account to share the news as she captioned her post, "I posted about struggling with paying for tuition. two hours later, I get this in my email. I have no words and I can't stop crying. I don't have words, I don't have words, I don't have words, I can't stop crying."

The first time Ayesha and Taylor met was back in August 2018, during Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour. Since then, they have been in touch. In conversation with E! News, Ayesha revealed, "She is always liking my posts, so it's like she's stayed in touch, which sounds so surreal just saying that, she's been liking my posts throughout the year."

Discussing her interaction with Swift, Ayesh also said, "I didn't think she'd see that [post about her tuition and rent]. It's really her, it's not like someone else looking at these posts. When I first met her, I said to her, 'Are you SURE you see my posts?' And she said, 'Oh my God, I just told you that seven times, I love your blog.' And I can tell she was being totally genuine about it, it's her, it's really her.'"

For Ayesha, Tumblr is a safe place to vent concerns that bog her down. "So the post was on Tumblr, and I use it as a safe space to vent about stuff," she said and further added, "And I was like OK it's not a biggie, if they don't want to they don't have to it's totally up to them. And then I get that email [saying Taylor sent her money], and it was insane."

Taylor Swift's donation has helped to cover up for Ayesha's entire semester as well as rent! "She paid for the entire semester and my rent," she concluded.