Popular singer, Taylor Swift who has the biggest followings on Twitter and Instagram, all of a sudden decided to take a break from the social media and reportedly informed her friends that she is tired of seeing negativity being spread everywhere. As the 27-year old singer stopped updating her feeds, fans became a little worried wondering whether the singer was fine or not, Cosmopolitan shared.

According to Hollywood Life, Taylor Swift's decision was appropriate to take a break from the social media for some time.

The negativity and hatred she saw on the social media, on the comment sections on photos and also the tweets, probably made her realise that she needs to keep away from all such negativity for some time and focus on people who are close to her such as her family and friends. She is also working on a new album. For the time being, Taylor is travelling from state to state and enjoying the life, inquisitr reported.

Hollywood Life's source revealed, "Taylor [Swift] is loving her break from social media."

The outlet further added, "She enjoys being connected with her fans but she also struggles with the negativity and bullies that she deals with whenever she reads Instagram comments. She will be back to posting more regularly soon, but for now, she is really appreciating detoxing and being unplugged from some of the negative energy online."

The actual date of the release of the new album is not revealed yet but it will possibly release by early 2018.

According to inquistr, the singer wants to make use of the next couple of months in order to finalize the vocals and to make sure that the album is just as good as it should be.