Taylor Swift is song-writer for Cats; will 'Beautiful Ghosts' win her an Oscar?

Taylor Swift collaborated with Lloyd Webber for a song in film version of Cats. She is already making her appearance in the movie as Bombalurina and now she is also the songwriter

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Another musical masterpiece from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats, is all set to hit the screen in December 2019. This is Webber's fifth musical, which is going to be adapted as a movie and fans are already going gaga about it. Taylor Swift will be seen playing her character of Bombalurina in the movie. The bright side of the news is that being involved with the feline portrayal in the movie, Taylor has also put her songwriting skills in work by penning down the lyrics of the song "Beautiful Ghosts" with music composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

According to the reports, the two music connoisseurs of the industry are all set to stun the audience with their forthcoming song in the movie. Taylor Swift herself confirmed the news in a recently released video named Cats "Beautiful Ghosts" available on the official Youtube channel of Universal Picture.

The song will be filmed on Francesca Hayward, who will portray the character of Victoria in the movie. Hayward is a ballet dancer and is making debut in the industry from the movie Cats. Coinciding with the source, there will be two versions of the "Beautiful Ghosts" song in Cats movie. One would be the film version which would initially be featured on Victoria's character with the drop of the original song sung by Dame Judi Dench in 1981 as Old Deuteronomy.

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Another one would be Taylor Swift's own version which will be heard in the end credits. On the whole, keeping Taylor's version of "Beautiful Ghosts" opens the doors for the movie to get nominated for Oscar and other awards in the best original songs category. Hence, it is believed that the song from movie Cats can be Taylor's first Oscar-winning song of her career.

Cats is a musical stage drama directed by Tom Hooper. The movie is based on a poetry collection of "Old Possum's Books of Practical Cats" which was written by T.S. Eliot. The trailer of the Cats movie was dropped back in July and faced judgments for bad CGI effects by masses. The wait is yet long to hear the full version of the song although a fragment of Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd Webber's new song for the movie is released and can be heard.