Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift wants to date Prince Harry Reuters

Taylor Swift reportedly wants to date Prince Harry. The Bad Blood hitmaker is moving on in her love life after her split with Tom Hiddleston.

A source told Life & Style Magazine: "Taylor has set her sights on Prince Harry. She's always been attracted to British men and has been telling people that she'd love to become Princess Taylor. She is so determined to get 32-year-old Harry's attention that she's enlisting the help of one of Harry's rumored former flames, singer Ellie Goulding."

"She's begging Ellie to set them up," the insider added. "Taylor wants to impress Harry with her lavish lifestyle and has even offered to fly him to L.A. on her private jet. If Harry's schedule is too hectic, she'll happily fly to London for a date."

Swift has a history of dating high-profile celebrities including Scottish singer/DJ Calvin Harris, One Direction star Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Conor Kennedy. Meanwhile, the royal family apparently "wouldn't approve" of the couple's romance as the Queen "would flip if Taylor ever wrote a breakup song about her Harry."

"He loves Taylor's songs, plus Taylor is his type: blond and fun!" the source said.