Taylor Hill inspired by Stevie Nicks fashion sense

Taylor Hill reveals Stevie Nicks is her role model

Taylor Hill presents a creation during the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai
Taylor Hill presents a creation during the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai Reuters

Taylor Hill largely derives inspiration from Stevie Nicks when it's anything to do with fashion. She revealed this to Stylish at the boohoo x Taylor Hill Edit launch event that was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The model while speaking to Stylish said, "My overall style icon is Stevie Nicks, so whatever Stevie does, I will do". She further went on to say, "I just love her hippie vibe. She's so cool. She's like rock 'n' roll, but quite dainty at the same time. She's a mixture of masculine and feminine and I think she really ties all that together so well and I just think she's rad".

The supermodel admits that she loves when women wear menswear and she also loves how boohoo has made and given their suits a feminine look with the patterns and colours that compliment them well. She told Stylish about how she tries different outfits when she's in different cities. "Every city can inspire something different. When I'm in Paris it's like cool girl, French chic with a leather jacket or leather on leather kind of trends paired with booties or heels." When in LA she prefers sneakers, jeans and a bomber jacket since it is never cold there. And when in New York, she says, "You can go either way, like rock 'n' roll, Kate Moss, New York or uptown girl with blazers and suits."

Taylor Hill is one of the most popular faces in the fashion industry and with her being a Victoria's Secret Angel she is someone who loves keeping it real. She is also one of the models who does not hesitate to pose for pictures without any makeup. Apart from being associated with the huge brand Victoria's Secret, she has signed a beauty contract with Lancôme and also a perfume contract with Ralph Lauren.