Tay Ping Hui slices off finger while shooting for cooking show

Actor Tay Ping Hui accidentally slices off his finger tip while filming a cooking show.

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Tay Ping Hui
Tay Ping Hui slices off his finger tip YouTube

Actor Tay Ping Hui chopped off his finger tip during a cookery show and revealed the atavistic first reaction to the gory incident -- how woud the little piece of flesh taste in the sauce simmering on the oven?

"I felt the blade cut through my nail, and slicing the entire piece of flesh off, leaving it on the chopping board, flooded with blood. At the moment, all I could think of was how would it taste in the rendang sauce that I was making..." joked Tay Ping Hui on his Instagram page after accidentally slicing off his finger tip while filming a cooking show.

The unrivaled Channel 8 male lead also posted a picture of his injured finger. It looks like he was distracted for a 'split second' and his finger was chopped off.

The popular lead has been diversifying his acting projects for which he has taken leave from Channel 8. His last outing for the channel was last year's music drama Crescendo. In an interview to a leading English daily, he revealed that his absence was a conscious effort to try different things. "Variety is really the spice of life," he said.

This year, he was seen in Channel 5 drama The Hush and Channel U travelogue 3 Men 1 Journey. He is also playing an important role in yet-to-be-aired Chinese TV drama Legend Of The Condor Heroes. Hui will appear in about 10 episodes and will play the role of historical figure Temujin, who was later known as the great Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan--whose empire was twice the size of Alexander the Great. Set during the Song Dynasty, the drama is a fictional take on Guo Jing and Huang Rong's adventures with martial arts legends, the Five Greats.

Hui is the only Singaporean among the cast and has been shooting for a Games of Throne-like war series. Chinese actors Yang Xuwen and Li Yitong play the lead roles while the drama will be aired in February 2017. This is Hui's second Chinese drama with the first one being a mythological period series The Legend And The Hero (2007) starring Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. In fact, while talking to a Chinese media, the actor said he would consider moving to China if his career takes off.

Back home, the actor is also quite excited about reprising his role of Peter Tay, the antagonist in the second season of Channel 5 long-form series Tanglin.

This article was first published on November 29, 2016