Tavia Yeung 'restrains' Him Law from working on TVB's next over Mandy Wang

Tavia Yeung doesn't want Him to share the screen with her alleged ex girlfriend.

Tavia Yeung has reportedly forbidden husband, actor Him Law, from working with TVB for its upcoming Korean drama.

The commercial television station is planning for a remake of popular K drama, 'Kill ME, Heal Me' and supposedly wanted Him Law and actress Mandy Wang to play the lead.

But according to reports on ON CC, the duo is not pairing up any time soon.

As per the rumors, Yeung is not comfortable with Him sharing screen space with Wang because of their past relationship.

Him and Wang have been romantically involved with each other in the past. The couple also admitted to be in a close relationship during the filming of "Divas in Distress".

Although it's been 5 years and Wang has a boyfriend already, it is said that Yeung felt uncomfortable and requested Him to put his foot down.

Him Law, like a good husband, rejected the show, and the chance to play Wang's love interest in the drama has been now given to Benjamin Yuen.

Actor Benjamin Yuen is a product of Mr Hong Kong beauty contest and has done a couple of modeling assignments in the past. Yuen has been into movie for quite some time, but 'Kill ME, Heal Me' will be his first stint in television drama industry.